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Illustration: Ylva Greni Gulbrandsen.

On 31 January 2019 Kunstkritikk was relaunched with a new design and an expanded international edition. How do you like the changes that were made? What do you think of Kunstkritikk in general? Our reader survey gives you the opportunity to answer these questions – and to be heard. Your answers will help us create a better journal.

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The online journal Kunstkritikk was originally launched in 2003 and became a fully fledged Nordic journal in 2010, including a trial international version in English. As of 2019, we have increased the publishing frequency of the international edition as well.

Kunstkritikk’s mission is to help raise the general level of Nordic art criticism. At the same time, we publish news, reports, and interviews from the Nordic and international art fields. We want to consider the various elements of the art field as part of a wider context – from small independent galleries to large national and private museums.

Do you agree that Kunstkritikk is a valuable editorial project? Are you satisfied with how we prioritise our efforts? Do you have other views on Kunstkritikk? If so, we encourage you to take part in our reader survey by clicking the link below. Deadline: 9 February. Thank you for your time and contribution!

Kunstkritikk Reader Survey 2020