Artistic Legacies

Fostering young talent is a focus area on the Danish art scene,
but attention is seldom paid to what happens when artists pass away. Stine Hebert
and Johanne Løgstrup have set up a new organisation for neglected archives.

The Legacy of the Balkans

Tijana Mišković believes that art can convey painful experiences of war and displacement, even to those without first-hand knowledge of them. She has arranged an exhibition featuring Danish artists with roots in the former Yugoslavia.

Documenta Vandalised

Anonymous threats of violence are the culmination so far of the discussion surrounding the Palestinian artists’ group The Question of Funding and its participation in Documenta 15.

Recently published

2 December

What will we remember from the year in art 2022? Today’s contribution is by Claudine Zia, writer at Kunstkritikk and one of the founding members of The Union.

Money Problems

Do art institutions have a particular obligation to assess the ethics of their sponsors? Directors of museums and exhibition venues in Scandinavia answer that question.