Olof Olsson’s info comedy remains well-written, toe-curling, and entertaining, but leaves little room for doubt and vulnerability.

C’est Stuplime!

As Europe arms itself for war, Paris is preparing for the 2024 Olympics. Cyprien Gaillard captures the stupid and the sublime in our increasingly bewildering world.

The Right to Anger

The Niki de Saint Phalle retrospective at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter gives an overview of her extremely varied practice. But what is the message?

The Silence of the Observer

An international cast of anonymous protagonists populates Francis Alÿs’s Children’s Games. But from what vantage point can the artist and today’s viewers connect across time, space, and cultures?

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Spring Défilé

This year’s first opening night in Copenhagen whetted our appetite for more. The season’s dictates are British 90s art, French 80s sculpture, and Georgian folk painting. Oh, and Arken is rebranding.