About Kunstkritikk

Kunstkritikk is the leading Nordic journal of contemporary art. Its emphasis is on criticism and commentary, but it also focuses on news, interviews, essays, and reportage.

Kunstkritikk.no was created in the fall of 2003. On May 19, 2011 Kunstkritikk expanded and now includes four editions: kunstkritikk.no, kunstkritikk.dk, kunstkritikk.se, and kunstkritikk.com (International edition).

For the first time in 2009, Kunstkritikk was awarded recurring state support and thus became a permanent and substantial contribution to the Norwegian and Nordic art discussion. In 2019-2020 Kunstkritikk is supported by The Norwegian Arts Council, The Freedom of Expression Foundation, The Relief Fund for Visual Artists, The Nordic Culture Fund, New Carlsberg Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation, and The Swedish Arts Council.

We must note that the editorial staff does not pre-edit the debates and comments on the texts. Posts that diverge from constructive press conduct will be removed as quickly as possible.

Kunstkritikk follows the Norwegian Press Association’s Rights and Duties of the Editor: http://presse.no/Pressens_Faglige_Utvalg_PFU/Redaktorplakaten/

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Mariann Enge is editor-in-chief of Kunstkritikk.