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Sun, Sky, Screen and Cloud

Democracy melts on the surface of a light-making machine. At Charlottenborg Hito Steyerl brilliantly demonstrates why: capitalism is realising the alchemists’ vision of commanding light.

Op Is Queer

Louisiana’s Op Art exhibition is not banal razzle-dazzle. It is a gem of retinal queerness. But the museum misses a splendid opportunity to revise the reception history of the genre.

The New Era of Humanity

The Anthropocene Project conference in Berlin marked the beginning of an ambitious research project aimed at creating a new cosmology in light of our new man-made geological epoch.

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Post-cinematic Affect

Jesper Just extends his film across the many rooms of Kunsthal Charlottenborg to tell stories about the architecture of the body, and sensory exhaustion in our present day.