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The Clowndom

Le Bicolore in Paris is currently awash in Danish art from the 1960s to today, but the curatorial insistence somewhat overshadows all the good stuff on display.


An all-female exhibition at Galleri Nils Stærk cannot hide the unforgivable fact that the gallery’s roster of 24 artists includes only two women.

Quantity Consciousness

The Light & Space movement takes centre stage in Copenhagen Contemporary’s ‘biggest exhibition to date’, but this vast sea of light drowns out the works and their ostensible magic.

Sensitive Days

Mamma Andersson oscillates between landscape drama and silent homes in a major solo show at Louisiana presenting confident paintings with a laid back vibrating undercurrent.

Art and Things

‘In many ways, the project conducts fundamental research into how to make exhibitions.’ Nina Beier and Simon Dybbroe Møller give a glimpse of their micro-project space, AYE-AYE.

Simulacrum Galore

Art collective SIGNA has taken over the new art venue in Copenhagen’s Ørestad district with a spectacular nightmare exposing the beautiful disasters of capitalist reality.


In a winter of no content, can memories of artworks activate our sense of wonder when the works themselves are absent?

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Spring Défilé

This year’s first opening night in Copenhagen whetted our appetite for more. The season’s dictates are British 90s art, French 80s sculpture, and Georgian folk painting. Oh, and Arken is rebranding.