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With a Danish ghost ship and humorous decolonial propaganda, the first part of the 11th Gothenburg Biennial wants to serve as a counter-narrative to the city’s official 400-year anniversary.

A World Beyond

Olof Marsja’s exhibition at Nevven in Gothenburg is a bold mix of contemporary spirituality, Sámi handicraft, and fake designer clothes.

Good TV

What happened to the idea of a European public sphere? Artist Andjeas Ejiksson unearths a forgotten public service channel from the 80s.

Putting the Past Behind Us

Lund’s Konsthall’s exhibition about Chile’s contemporary history is at its best when it establishes critical distance to its politically and emotionally charged subject.

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The Content Biennial

The artist collective DIS challenges the manic image economies of our contemporary with an entertaining and critical biennial by replacing the politics of representation with one of circulation.