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Spring Sonata – Norway

It’s time to stop grieving over the National Gallery and look forward to a new era for the Norwegian art world. Here are the must-see exhibitions coming up in the months ahead.

Autumn Sonata – Norway

A rowing trip to Tromsø, critique of the silencing of women and a speculative approach to the concept of ‘extraction’. It is the many kunsthalles across Norway that lead the way the coming art season.

A New Art History Emerging

The National Museum’s presentation of Sidsel Paaske reveals the contours of a new, cultural art history. But the method prompts doubts: Can the artworks not stand their ground outside a rhetorical scenography?

Curating in Precarious Times

– A group effort can show that differences can be overcome and that coexistence is possible, says Elmgreen & Dragset, the artist duo set to curate the 15th Istanbul Biennial in 2017.

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