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Diffuse Autobiography

Returning to her childhood home town, Fatima Moallim’s exhibition at Växjö Konsthall invites us to reflect on today’s appetite for identity and difference.


In Lytle Shaw’s New Grounds for Dutch Landscape the materialist turn is transformed into an art historical account of everyday ongoingness and the ground beneath our feet.

The Language of Shamans

The exhibition Worst-Case Scenario: Four Artists From Greenland at Lund’s Konsthall puts notions of authenticity and identity under ironic and questioning stress.

The Devouring

At Malmö Konsthall, Ceija Stojka renders the horrors of the Roma Holocaust, the Porajmos, in which as much as half of Europe’s Roma population was killed.

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Spring Défilé

This year’s first opening night in Copenhagen whetted our appetite for more. The season’s dictates are British 90s art, French 80s sculpture, and Georgian folk painting. Oh, and Arken is rebranding.