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In the Wait

Tarik Kiswanson’s gravity-defying sculptures imbue the brutalist interior of Bonniers Konsthall with tension – and a non-identitarian politics.

Hate the Game

Revisiting the strategic essentialisms of the 1990s, Salad Hilowle’s complacent debut at Cecilia Hillström hints at the bankruptcy of Sweden’s cultural economy.

Dance Revolution?

In their first major presentation in Sweden, the Swiss duo Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz ask whether clubbing can inspire a progressive political movement.

Diffuse Autobiography

Returning to her childhood home town, Fatima Moallim’s exhibition at Växjö Konsthall invites us to reflect on today’s appetite for identity and difference.


In Lytle Shaw’s New Grounds for Dutch Landscape the materialist turn is transformed into an art historical account of everyday ongoingness and the ground beneath our feet.

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A Mountain of Dreams

Swedish-born Valeria Montti Colque will represent Chile at the 60th Venice Biennial, an event of great symbolic significance for the Chilean diaspora.