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Hermetically Open

Pierre Huyghe’s exhibition at Serpentine in London poses the question: what is the critical value of the open artwork in the age of participatory media apocalypse?

Unity in defeatism

This year’s edition of Steirischer Herbst in Graz offers a generous dose of overblown kitsch, but why cynicism when reality has become its own cynical self-parody?

Farewell to the People

The recently opened Lafayette Anticipations in Paris is an attempt to reinvent the form of the art center for the age of capitalist realism.

Manipulate the Critic

Manipulate the World: Connecting Öyvind Fahlström at Moderna Museet confronts us with the question: what is the critical function of an image that shows that a cipher is a cipher?

Affirmative Retrospection

In the major Richard Hamilton exhibition in London, the renowned pop artist’s subtle ironies and games are realized as the conditions and objects of his critical works.

Visions Without Medium

Massimiliano Gioni’s The Encyclopedic Palace in Venice is a radical exhibition experiment that ultimately falls back on a familiar myth of the freedom of the creative subject.

Back to Square One

The seventh Berlin Biennale’s political and aesthetic failures are due to the curators’ indifference to the exhibition’s form and possibilities.

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Affecting the Body

‘If you don’t have or don’t control material, you have to become material yourself’, says Arthur Jafa, currently showing at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo.